Friday, March 20, 2020

Before first light

Open wide the drape...stretch and yawn...get a cup of coffee and join Jesus in the secret place.  And as we converse, He reveals

In the silhouettes that are

against the early sky,
the many squirrels frolicking--
and busy as they fly!
I see the morning birds as they
scope that upon the ground,
knowing that their breakfast will be
very quickly found.

And through the silhouettes I see

Creator God creating.
And many of His servants,
we be yet anticipating
what He has in store for us 
before we each go out;
opportunities to minister
are there, we have no doubt!
But opportunities the same
to be so very blessed!
No matter what's required of us,
no matter the request,
somewhere we'll see His very hand
and be blessed by the same!
For it is settled and assured
and, often, may we claim!

What a glorious way to begin the day!  Though the sun may not be up yet, there is life aglow in the trees and on the land, and His promises come alive in heart once more as we behold Him!


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