Saturday, March 21, 2020

A new battle?

So would seem such in the days that are.  But it is not new to God!  And the weapons He has already equipped us with are still very much effective!

The list of things that must be done--

it grows with each new day.
So many, unaccustomed to
a living in this way!
We've grown up with 'instant answers' to
the happenings that be;
so much discomfort is there
being free and yet 'unfree!'

'The lifestyle we have come to know...'

BUT GOD, He is much greater!
And Peace CAN be...even if 
'the answer' comes much later!
And even if 'the answers' they
may never come at all,
is there a 'peace' that YOU know of
that will not EVER fall?

There IS a Peace--His Name is Jesus,

and He knows ALL things!
He is even there BEYOND the fray
this situation brings!
And He is STILL victorious,
and we are STILL His Own!
Press on, however limited,
in spite of the 'unknown.'

Our ancestors were called to war all around the world.  We are being called to wage war in place against an enemy that is unseen and very much unknown.  We can do this, but not in ourselves!  Take heed.  Be diligent and wage warfare on your knees!


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