Tuesday, March 31, 2020

God's gracious gifts!

In spite of us being 'us,' God remains loving, generous and faithful.  He is fully aware of ALL that is happening everywhere, and blesses us with sweet signs of 'normalcy:'

Evidence of season
abounding all around!
The essence of blooms and blossoms...
the sweetness of the sound....
the melody upon the wing--
it goes from tree to tree;
the merriment to be a transport
oh for such as we!

Though much is to be tended to
upon this busy day,
it is a gift of pure enjoyment
God would send our way!
The melodious are reminders
He's our wherewithal,
providing sweet assurance and
a respite from it all!

Savoring creation--
ever-constant to unfold;
realizing that, from Him,
I have discovered gold!
Regardless of distractors, God
would have us stay on-point
by taking that before our eyes
and, every sight, anoint!

Do all that you can as best you can, but know that you cannot do it all; and do not miss the wondrous signs of His Presence as you progress!


Monday, March 30, 2020

The Real, Phony Prison

Yes, there is such a thing.  FEAR is a prison.  It is 'real' for a lot of folks, until they learn that it is a mere 'counterfeit!'  For the REAL thing is the love of Jesus--and once we grasp that, the bars disappear, and 'fear' can actually become a learning lesson!

Fear--it shall not overwhelm;
for Jesus Christ is at the helm!
He is the Savior of my soul,
and ALL things are in His control!
For peace and calm has He for all:
east...west...north...south...large or small,
His massive, living, nail-scarred palm
contains for us that blessed calm!
The thriving and the incomplete
can gather at the Savior's feet
to give to Him or to receive,
to work for Him, rest or relieve.
His invitation yet remains.
For he can take the hindering chains
and break them!  Make them disappear,
and dissipate the gripping fear!

Yes, that 'prison' that fear can become

a portal be with Jesus come!
The great escape, His Presence, be
is constantly for such as we!
For we are weak, but He is strong;
we are abrupt, His patience long;
and we, we are at liberty
to conquer fear eternally!!

Fear shall never overtake.

The Christ of God a way did make!
That Way--He shall not ever fail;
His perfect love, it shall prevail!

Yes, His constant, certain, perfect love shall overcome and outlast any and ALL affliction, crisis, disaster or curse!  Know His perfect love for CERTAIN in your heart even right now!


Sunday, March 29, 2020


So THIS world would have us to be.  And, looking around, it is working on SOME.  However, there is a Place for you that CANNOT be shaken!  Have YOU found that Place?

When everything be shaken up,
the 'sound' alone remain;
when 'ritual' would disappear,
what then does one retain?
When all that we're accustomed to
is gone what do we do?
Will 'panic' then become your way,
or can you make it through?
Is there a place you can relax
at such a time as this?
The hype and the hysteria
can you but just 'dismiss?'
One said there would be days like this
but gave us each a way
to weather the disasters that
would rise throughout the day!
At such a time, we are to cling
unto Him all the more!
We are His Own, and He is greater
than what be in store!
And that which be upon us, it
eventually will pass,
and Christ will yet be standing firm
with welcome to the mass!

When EVERYTHING be shaken, there be

ONE Who cannot be!
And, even now, His open arms
reach out for such as we!
NOTHING of this world affects
His everlasting love!
No tool or tactic will affect
that flow from God above!!

Jesus is alive!  He is everywhere!  He is able!  And the love He has for you contain a peace that cannot be put into words...no matter who the poet be, and no matter who YOU are!!  Savor that peace as we abound through the times that life finds us in!


Saturday, March 28, 2020

On Faith Alone

Life has so much that we can depend upon.  Thank God for that!  There is much more, however, that is yet unreachable.  Therein lies 'faith.'   Can you accept that?

Though issues, they be cryptic, yea,
though puzzled I may be,
I know that it shall not affect
the hope and joy of me!
For I have not accepted Him
on what I understand,
I took Him upon faith alone
at His unfurled hand!

I took Him upon faith alone,
yet more and more each day
come the answers very clear
upon the Narrow Way!
And the issues cryptic, for
I know that, by and by,
I will be enlightened as
His reason cometh nigh!

I took Him upon faith alone,
and that's where I remain:
confident, secure in Him
Who bore the crimson stain!
Knowing, even KNOWING, yes,
He is and e'er will be
not only in the very clear
but in what I can't see!

Yes, that's the kind of security we have in knowing Jesus!  The world cannot understand this until they request Him to open their eyes, and such will only come as He becomes your Savior!

Friday, March 27, 2020

NOTHING to do?!

In the days that are, we see and hear so many wondering such.  However, there are still many means of connecting and making a difference for His Kingdom!

Until the Trumpet Blast there is
so very much to do!
So various the callings He
has placed on me and you.
That which may seem 'trivial'
means 'life' unto another.
NEVER take for granted what
you're doing for your brother!
And never see as 'pointless' that
which YOU are called to do!
For there are things in life that can
be only done by YOU!
You have purpose; you have value
regardless who you are!
Just a 'call' or 'greeting,' it
can go so very far!

And for His glory only in

the times and in the days.
Avail yourself to Him in full
and HE will find the ways
to bless another, bless yourself
and magnify His Name,
uplifting your own spirit as
you bring to Him acclaim!

So much happening...so much NOT happening...yet so necessary, more than ever, the witness He has called us to be!  Allow Him to flow freely through you, and be amazed at what HE can accomplish!


Thursday, March 26, 2020

The ONLY Certainty!

For so many years, for generations, we have gone about getting done what we must.  But these are strange times, my friend.  Something, however, remains the same...

Leaning on the ONLY Certainty

here in these days;
raising arms unto Him, seeking
out His holy ways;
doors do not close unless The Father
has another way;
to obtain it, His command
so simple: watch and pray!
Such requires humility
and stillness on my part.
Such traits are not inherent,
for each are a learned art!
I am accustomed to do my best
as fast as I can do;
doing my best while 'quarantined?'
The same be something new!

BUT GOD, He is still active and

He is so very near!
He knows the times and seasons and,
ALL things, to Him, are clear!
He was, He is and is to be,
and we, we are His Own!
His Presence, peace and comfort,
in ALL days, for they are known!

It may be uncomfortable to leave the house these days, but comfort can still remain inside your heart.  Whomever you are, whatever you MUST do, the Truth remains:  "Greater is He that is within me that anything out in the world!"  Use the wisdom and discretion He gives you, and STAND UPON HIS WORD!


Wednesday, March 25, 2020

If ever we needed such!

Oh, the calm assurances of God!  If ever there were times that we need such, it is now!  Though we may not understand, HE DOES, and we can rest in that!

Closer to my Jesus,

nearer, God to You!
In the silence, in the still,
the BEST that I can do!
So many things are different
than only weeks ago!
But Lord, You are the same we love,
we worship and we know!

How precious are the guarantees

that only YOU can give!
In You, we have our being, Lord,
we breathe...we move...we LIVE!
The secret things belong to You--
there's NOTHING that can hide!
Thus, so glorious the truth
that, in You, we abide!!

Nearer, o my God, to You,

yet even in these days!
We cling to You with utter trust
and count upon Your ways!
No man be there to match Yourself,
nor will there ever be!
We but continue, Lord, to trust--
KNOWING that You see!!

It is unknown?  Give it to God.  It is unsearchable?  Tell God from your heart.  Confused?  Scared?  Anxious?  He understands it all fully and His ears are open and His hands are reaching out, and He longs to hear it from you!


Tuesday, March 24, 2020

March 24th

Another day.  One more day of a 'life' that many of us are not accustomed to.  During these days, cling to That which you know is certain and secure, because

The peaks and valleys surely will continue.

The only thing to vary is our gait.
At whatever speed we're moving forward,
there IS a place where we will celebrate!
This current place, it is unknown to many;
the gamut of emotions does it cause;
BUT GOD, He may desire us, so busy,
to take this season to relax and pause?

"This, too, shall pass..." it is a settled promise.

'Til then, however, vigilant remain.
Keep doing everything that you are able,
knowing that, ALL things, does He contain!
Unprecedented be the things we're seeing.
They call for a response that is the same!
That can be done only as we humble
and commit ALL THINGS to Jesus' Name!

Yes, in times so very strange

God continues to arrange;
and we SHALL persevere
with JESUS always near!

Stand firm, my friend.  Be strong in Him.  For I promise you that there are others looking to you and at you for such strength, and we can direct them to our Source of strength: Jesus Christ!  For The Word is rife with assurances and abundant with truths to which ALL may cling!

And always remember: GOD'S GOT THIS!

Monday, March 23, 2020

Press on as best you can!

Regardless of the reports, in spite of what is at hand, there are certainties that ARE and shall ever remain...

There is peace--when it

cannot be understood...
there is goodness, even when
'rare' seems to be 'good;'
there is comfort that this world
cannot provide--
it all comes from Jesus
as He's glorified!

Regardless of the issues going on,

Jesus, He not ever will be gone!
He knows of everything and everywhere;
wherever YOU must be He will be there!

Lord Jesus and His attributes--

essential to this place!
HE IS, and not that we deserve,
it's through His love and grace!
He knew...He knows...and He knows what
will be forevermore!
Trust Him completely, with abandon,
for VICTORY is in store!!

Strange, dangerous and deadly days are upon us, BUT GOD was here first, and He WILL BE here when this is over!  Pray on, stand fast, plead The Blood and continue to live.  His peace and grace suffice, and His Will is greater than anything else!


Sunday, March 22, 2020

Greater Assurances

If ever there be a time that we need such, it be in the days that are.  Amidst the panic, fear and fanaticism, GOD remains calm and faithful...

"In the chaos, in the fray,
oh Lord, You are my Rock!
Regardless of the happenings,
regardless of the shock,
in spite of that so foreign, oh Lord,
You remain the same,
and the Serenity You are
do we always, ever claim!

You know our situation, Lord,

You knew it all along,
and You made provision to assure
we could retain our song!
So much 'unknown' to such as we
be happening down here,
and yet Your voice so resonates
'I'm with you.  Have no fear.'

Our Foundation and our Rock--

Lord, You CANNOT be shaken!
Whatever happens in this life
You were, You are and You will be,
and we, we are Your Own!
We press on as we cling to You
to Whom ALL things are known!"

Yes, cling to Jesus with all you have and do the best you can KNOWING He is in control and will do all the rest!  There is no greater assurance than JESUS CHRIST!


Saturday, March 21, 2020

A new battle?

So would seem such in the days that are.  But it is not new to God!  And the weapons He has already equipped us with are still very much effective!

The list of things that must be done--

it grows with each new day.
So many, unaccustomed to
a living in this way!
We've grown up with 'instant answers' to
the happenings that be;
so much discomfort is there
being free and yet 'unfree!'

'The lifestyle we have come to know...'

BUT GOD, He is much greater!
And Peace CAN be...even if 
'the answer' comes much later!
And even if 'the answers' they
may never come at all,
is there a 'peace' that YOU know of
that will not EVER fall?

There IS a Peace--His Name is Jesus,

and He knows ALL things!
He is even there BEYOND the fray
this situation brings!
And He is STILL victorious,
and we are STILL His Own!
Press on, however limited,
in spite of the 'unknown.'

Our ancestors were called to war all around the world.  We are being called to wage war in place against an enemy that is unseen and very much unknown.  We can do this, but not in ourselves!  Take heed.  Be diligent and wage warfare on your knees!


Friday, March 20, 2020

Before first light

Open wide the drape...stretch and yawn...get a cup of coffee and join Jesus in the secret place.  And as we converse, He reveals

In the silhouettes that are

against the early sky,
the many squirrels frolicking--
and busy as they fly!
I see the morning birds as they
scope that upon the ground,
knowing that their breakfast will be
very quickly found.

And through the silhouettes I see

Creator God creating.
And many of His servants,
we be yet anticipating
what He has in store for us 
before we each go out;
opportunities to minister
are there, we have no doubt!
But opportunities the same
to be so very blessed!
No matter what's required of us,
no matter the request,
somewhere we'll see His very hand
and be blessed by the same!
For it is settled and assured
and, often, may we claim!

What a glorious way to begin the day!  Though the sun may not be up yet, there is life aglow in the trees and on the land, and His promises come alive in heart once more as we behold Him!


Thursday, March 19, 2020

The time for Hope!

THE time for Hope.  If ever there be such, IT IS NOW!   Be it only now, now that there be a plague about the world?  Hmmm...

There is a time for 'hope' to grow,

one that does not disappear!
Those times have been throughout all time
and, once more, one is here!
A certain Hope is necessary
in times that we now face,
and, fortunately for each of us,
it is availed by Grace!

That Hope so necessary in 

the days in which we are,
it is availed through God The Father,
and He is NEVER far!
That Hope is Jesus Christ the Lord
and the precious Blood He shed!
Through only Him we'll conquer this
and be victors as He said!

"Jesus, Jesus, in the days

and times affecting ALL,
we lay all pride aside and claim
You  ARE The Wherewithal!
The power in Your Blood and in
Your Word's authority--
for therein lies our Everything
that, life, we each may see!"

In the days that are?  In time of distress?  In disaster?  In plague?  NO!  If you are only turning to Jesus because of what you see on the news, then you are missing a glorious 'everyday life' that He wants to be part of and share with you!!  LET HIM!  Let Him into your heart and enjoy His company AT ALL TIMES!  You'll NEVER regret it!


Wednesday, March 18, 2020


Jesus Christ is God.  Jesus Christ is also man.  He was, however, able to differentiate the two so that He could accomplish what no man could!  WE ARE SO BLESSED!!

In the remaining hours

what could His heart contain?!
Knowing that which was awaiting,
knowing of the pain,
knowing the betrayal, knowing
the ones that would so turn...
still, the Father's love inside Him
constantly to burn!
To burn for those so close to Him
with whom He sups and dines...
those whose anger be so great
it chills their very spines...
those who yet love Him so much
they follow Him in death...
those so living here and now
and taking in His breath!

All these thoughts in the hours that
so quickly are to wane--
filled with a love that has no words,
so very far from 'plain!'
Jesus' thoughts in those last days--
but who could understand?!
And who could know that God the Father
knew all things that were planned?

Too deep to ponder.  Impossible to figure out!  Too painful to consider, yet too beautiful to ignore!  God's Great Plan.  It is still alive.  It is still great, and it is still available for ALL Who call upon His Holy Name!

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Days of Assurance!

Assurance.  If ever there was a time when we need it, it is now!  However, such Assurance has ALWAYS been ours as we realize He has already seen these times and knows the outcome!

Open up the paper:

bad news...panic...fear...
The evening news contains the same,
(with hype so loud and clear!)
What are the faithful to go through?
How much shall we endure?
Such should be secondary, knowing
that we are secure!

Open up the Word of God--

Good News!  Promise!  Cheer!
The contrast be so polarized
for them that have Christ here!
Though there be an uncertainty,
there is also peace and calm--
it's in knowing that we are securely
fastened in His palm!!

The trials of the days that are--

He said that they would come;
but He has promised VICTORY
shall be our daily sum!
He has not failed.  He never will,
and we, we are His Own!
So savor peace with each new day
in spite of the unknown.

The Blood retains its power

regardless of the hour.
Regardless what we've got,
victory is our lot!!

God is good.  God is aware.  God is able!  Keep pressing on, trusting in Him and KNOWING His precious assurances are yours as long as You are His!


Monday, March 16, 2020

Veritable Friend!

The agony and anguish,
the suffering and pain,
the stress of that which is to be—
but what could be the gain?
Sweating so intently
it draws His very blood!
The gamut of emotion,
in a moment…in a flood!
Humanity approaching--
the gamut in its whole;
How much does cost a soul?
He knew exactly the amount,
yet pressing through it all
Christ did what no one else could do--
He understood His Call.
And the pin of God the Father as
He watches Jesus’ ‘friends;’
but love more real so overtakes
whence not a thing depends!
He sees…He knows…He yet endures
unto the bitter end.
Jesus, Master, Overcomer:
so genuine be ‘Friend!’

'Friend.'  That term is thrown around so loosely anymore.  But just how many 'friends' do you have that would go through for you what Jesus does?

Sunday, March 15, 2020

When I Can't

It's Sunday Morning, y'all!  Time to get up, get ready, go get fed and give the gift that He has blessed you with!  
In the times we live in, however, some of us cannot quite do that.  Then what?

"When I can't seem to get to church

You bring The Church to me!
You make sure, Jesus, that, alone,
I do not have to be!
When, somehow, I'm not there to serve
and worship with everyone,
You make sure I know I'm with The Father,
Holy Spirit and The Son!!

How wonderful is Your great Presence

no matter where I be!
No matter how I feel, You make sure
that I clearly see;
and even when the ones I love
cannot be in a place,
You put them on my heart, and we
have fellowship through grace!!
For You have given us, oh Lord,
the great authority
to trample on the craftiness
of our last enemy!
For even if we be imprisoned
by man or by disease,
the freedom that we have in You,
oh Lord, completely frees!
And The Blood--the power of
the lifeblood that You shed,
it heals our bones and liberates
what goes on in our head!
And we rejoice as ONE, (though we
be scattered all about,)
singing Your hymns and praises, giving
You a mighty shout!

You are alone?  Isolated?  Quarantined?  Look around...reach out...sing His Name and realize that They are right there with You, and GREATER IS HE THAT IS WITHIN YOU THAN ANYTHING out in the world!!

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Psalm 127:1

The Word of God.  So living, so pertinent, regardless what is happening in us, to us or around us!

"Lest You construct our house, o Lord,
we labor so in vain;
lest You reside inside our hearts,
continue will the pain;
lest we attend unto Your Word,
the greater the divide;
and, Lord, lest we submit to YOU,
our progress be denied!

Such simple and such plain instruction

given long ago,
yet so alive unto the moment
we have come to know!
Though differ may contrast and context,
the principle be the same:
victory may only come
as we call out Your Name
and call out settled 'practices'
that YOU call out as WRONG:
'But it has always been this way...'

'We've done this all along...'
What we have called 'tradition' You
may call 'sin' and 'abuse;'
and what we use to justify
You see as mere 'excuse!'

Oh rip away the callous layers

that the truth be known!
Return us to INTEGRITY
that we may be Your own!
And help us to serve one another
and know 'self-denial,'
lest that much more destruction come
than this, the present trial!"

Ah, some of us have lived in such comfort for most of our lives.  Perhaps TOO MUCH comfort?  Something arises that shakes our world and we panic--even when we know, without a doubt, The ONE Who holds the world in His hands!!  

"God, forgive us!"

Friday, March 13, 2020

Comforting Truths!

A brand new day.  Another beautiful gift that God has given us to unwrap.  So many opportunities to give and to receive.  Keep that at the forefront as you press on, my friend!

Open up the paper:
bad news...panic...fear;
the evening news contains the same
with hype so loud and clear!
What are the faithful to go through?
How much shall we endure?
Such should be secondary, KNOWING
that we are secure!

Open up the Word of God--

Good News!  Promise!  Cheer!
The contrast be so polarized
for them that have Christ here!
Though there be much uncertainty,
there is also peace and calm:
it's in knowing that we are securely 
fastened in His palm!!

The trials of the days that are--

He said that they would come;
but He has proven 'victory'
shall be our daily sum!
He has not failed.  He never will,
and we, we are His Own!
Savor peace with each new day
in spite of the unknown!

The Blood retains its power

regardless of the hour;
regardless what we've 'got,'
VICTORY is our lot!!

Cling to His settled Truths in spite of what you see, hear or feel.  We are not forsaken.  We are chosen, protected and highly favored in His sight!  Comfort one another with these truths!


Thursday, March 12, 2020


That's what Jesus is to us.  That's what His peace is to this world!  In trying times...in joyous times...AT ALL TIMES...Jesus is The Perfect Peace!

There is Peace that is available

to any and to all.
It is a kind of Peace that always
answers when you call!
It even makes its Presence known
when you don't even ask
inviting you to open arms,
there to freely bask!
Such Peace, it's always present, matter
not what else goes on;
it has a Source that time can't touch--
it NEVER will be gone!
In spite of circumstances,
situations or events,
not a thing of earthly life
this Perfect Peace prevents!!

There is a Peace.  He has a Name:

He is a Peace that only God
the Father could afford!
Call out to Him and know His love,
for now and evermore!
Unshakeable be His foundation
for ANYTHING in store!!

Peace.  Perfect Peace.  Jesus Christ.

The world may consider Him an 'option,' but many of us know Him as the greatest necessity there could ever be.
What is He to you?

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Confident Hands

In case You haven't heard, these are strange, dangerous and unstable times we are in.  We can't pick up a paper or turn on the TV without hearing of new warnings about 'things' that we have never had to think about before.  BUT GOD knew that such would be, and His arms and ears are always open...

"Afflictions and diseases--
You knew that such would be.
Some folks are learning only now
about our frailty!
Your Word has spoken of it, though,
for oh so many years;
still, Lord, rampant be caution
and, yes, founded fears!
Disease like we have never seen,
all borders, to ignore...
even likened to the plagues
that You brought on before!
Folks afraid to congregate,
to gather or go out--
and a base, Lord, for such fears,
no person be without!
Therefore, we turn to You alone;
Your Blood--the only cure.
The hope we have in You--the only 
hope that will endure!
Intervene, we pray, o God,
we confidently pray,
lifting up our brother man
to YOU--our only Stay!"

Viruses...diseases...plagues...so are the markers of the end times.  So, too, be the fact that folks are turning to God, seeking His face in record numbers!  We be of that number, too, crying out for healing and deliverance from the signs of the times--for we KNOW that such be availed in HIS hands alone!

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

The Welcoming Table

God Most High has a table set for any and all that desire to be with Him.  No strings attached.  No qualifications.  His invitation echoes through the ages: "COME!"

"You knew, Lord, that I would betray,
but You dine with me anyway...
You knew what would be done and said,
and yet, with me, You still break bread...
no thing about me is unknown,
but Lord, You still call me Your Own!
Though pain and agony might await,
Your love and mercy remain so great!

A place around your table, Lord,
for me it is reserved.
The very same cannot be 'earned,'
and it's surely not 'deserved!'
And though You know the worst of me,
to such You seem so blind?!
Thus, a setting at Your table,
anyone may find!

So living is the Bread and Cup--
the Body and the Blood!
Taken deep within, it overtakes
just like a flood!
The suffering and death may be,
but mercy, life and love
yet overshadow all the grief
this time may be full of!

In the searching of my heart
I know that I have a part!
Due penance, Lord, and grace
we can look You in the face."

Room at the table...for YOU...always!  God is so loving that He leaves a spot for each one of us at His table.  Don't miss out on it!  For therein is life, and life abundant!

Sunday, March 8, 2020

The weight of a moment

Have you ever thought about that?  Do your actions ever cross your mind as you go through the days and times that are?

"The pinnacle of humility--

but Who also comprehends.
After a very sumptuous meal
with the best of friends,
midst laughing, crying, fellowshipping
with the closest and The Divine,
You take the towel, gird Your waist
and wash the feet of mine?

I did not understand it then.
I understand it now.
You lower Yourself to carry out
a holiest of vow.
The highest One this world could know
doing the lowest task--
would I do the same this day and age?
I hasten not to ask!

Jesus, on His knees before me--
oh God, who am I?!
You send Your only Son to us
to suffer and t die!
Far greater, higher and deeper than
the 'service' of these days.
O please humble us, we pray, and let
Your ways become our ways!"

What level of thought is given to the times and days that are?   If it is but 'just another season' where we come and go as we are then we have surely missed the mark!  Make time to ponder the services that Jesus did/does and weigh the same against our daily lives.

Friday, March 6, 2020

"Peace, be still!"

It's something we don't often hear in the fast-paced, hurry-up life that we have grown accustomed to!  And 'comfort?'  It seems to be a rare commodity these days...

In the midst of utter panic there is
One remaining calm.
The very Same, He holds us in
the center of His palm.
He sees the fears and threats, but He
sees far beyond the same;
and He makes it so, the peace He knows,
but each of us may claim!

Beyond the 'breaking news' that seems

to interrupt the day...
beyond the 'headlines' that be tempting
our emotions sway...
even past the 'panic' that
may grip the heart of some,
He whispers to the listening heart
"Peace.  Be still.  I come!"

So necessary is The Lord

here in the days that are!
To seek advancement without Him
we won't get very far!
But with Him dwelling deep inside
we'll make it all the way--
regardless what the networks and
the papers have to say!

Yes, these are troubling times.  But He said they would be in His Word.  Cling to Him all the more, and keep your hand upon the plow.  Keep the ear tuned also, for the Trumpet Blast is at hand!


Thursday, March 5, 2020

God IS present!

No matter who you are, where you are or what you are doing, there is opportunity to minister.  And I promise you, God is amongst those who you come in contact with!

"You'll know Me at Trumpet when
I split the open skies...
You'll recognize Me when you see
the dead in Christ arise...
and when you take to flight, there will
not be a bit of doubt,
for then, throughout eternity,
you will not be without!

But will you know me when you leave
the house today for work?
Will you see Me in the countenance
of that drive-thru clerk?
Will you observe Me as you tend
unto the task at hand?
Will you recognize Me as,
before your face, I stand?

Too many folks are waiting just
to see Me on that Day,
when I AM with you everywhere
upon the narrow way!
So many opportunities--
will YOU recognize?
Remember, I am greater than
what you see with your eyes!"

WHOA!  Yes, we are busy with business...caught up in the duties of the day...taking care of what must be done--all of us!  BUT GOD is in all and through all.  Let us not ignore Him as we interact with our guests, customers and employees.  We entertain angels unaware every day, and HE walks in our midst constantly!

Wednesday, March 4, 2020


Regardless of the ups-and-downs of this daily life, there is One constant that changes not, and so beautiful is His Name!

"You hold me in Your mighty hands

no matter how I feel!
Though I lack words, Lord, You completely
fathom my appeal;
You judge me not regardless, Lord,
of my 'faith' amount,
rather, You embrace me and
escort me to That Fount!

Yea, when the words are missing, Lord,

it matters not to You;
You tell me that You understand

and always see me through.
Your voice, Your eyes, Your sweet embrace
and Your Blood, so alive
they all combine to heal this man
so that I will arrive!

By You, Lord Jesus Christ, I am

completely understood!
What You've established for me, Lord,
for it is only good!
And for each one who calls Your Name
and takes You deep in heart!
My only Lord and Savior, we
shall never, ever part!"

Assurance.  Sweet assurance.  I enjoy it constantly...AND SO CAN YOU!  This life we live is wonderful, but it is anything but 'secure.'  Jesus, however, is Security that you can count on, and all you have to do is call upon His Name!


Monday, March 2, 2020

That Signature!

There it is again: right before the very eye!  You can't see it?  Then you're not even looking...

That signature of Spring:
the song upon the wing...
the blossoms and the blooms...
the wonderful perfumes!
Creator God creating
as life is celebrating
the newness of it all,
and His great wherewithal!

And life, it goes by fast!

But don't let the day go past
without His works to note
and, your praises, to devote!
For He's worthy of that praise
regardless of the days!
For the living and the lands
are sure of His great hands!

The beauty of the Spring;

join in, ye throng, and sing
of His amazing grace,
and His touches on this place!
He is newer every day,
and His mercies are for aye!
Creator God Most High--
He's right before the eye!

Celebrate the glory of new life that comes as He causes the seasons to change!  Celebrate Him in all HIS glory as He makes the very land to come alive with its glory!