Sunday, February 23, 2020

YOU Matter!

Who cares?
It doesn't make any difference.
Everyone else is doing it!  It doesn't matter how I treat them...

Someone pays attention when

nobody else can see;
what 'matters' to no one at all
has the concern of Three!
Even the 'good' that's taking place
that catches no one's eye
is noticed and applauded by
a multitude on high!
When headlines reek of nothing that
may elevate the soul,
a million more things happen that
elevate, make whole!
The same will not make 'headlines' as
it may not catch the ear;
BUT GOD, He's very active and
His hand is ALWAYS near!
So give up not at reaching out
with a smile or an embrace;
for they are VERY necessary
in this fleeting place!
and there is GOOD news--though you may not
see it on the 'news;'
and even YOU are part of it,
regardless of one's views!

"Weary not in well-doing."  His Word reminds and decrees such for such as we in our daily lives, in our constancy!  That which we do DOES matter...though we may never find out how much in this life, but it does matter!

Press on.  You matter!  Don't give up.  Your life is NOT for naught!

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