Sunday, February 9, 2020


God is so faithful, so dependable, so keeping of His Word.  He is also, however, so 'unexpected.'  That which we may have grown accustomed to or may even take as 'ritual' or 'tradition' may not be when He returns!

I have a list of 'expectations'

beyond the Trumpet sound.
Some may have been taught me or told
and, in is Word, not found.
Jesus came and blew away
some hopes that they held to;
should we not expect the Rapture,
the very same, to do?
Word has said we cannot fathom
that beyond the veil;
and glimpses of His glory does He
constantly avail;
He also says we cannot fathom
that which does await
because it is too wonderful,
it is so very great!

Jesus--He is blest assurance
all along the way.
Too, He is so practical
for every time of day!
But Truth is truth, and what's in store
beyond the life we know
is perfect, wondrous, glorious,
and forever will it go!!

Of course, each of us has expectations of what awaits based on His Word, the songs we sing, and that which He freely reveals to our hearts.  But ALWAYS remember, the 'unexpected' is also there, and He assures us it WILL be more wonderful than we can ever imagine!!

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