Thursday, February 20, 2020

The need is great!

From my office, I look out the window across the street.  My neighbor is staring at a problem and scratching his head.  He'll figure it out.  I have work to do...

My neighbor is in trouble.
My neighbor needs a hand.
That means that I must set aside
the task that I had planned!
But reaching out and helping him--
it is of most import,
and, in doing so, He will see God
in many different sort.

Regardless what I had to do,

I know it will be done
because I know the faithfulness
of Jesus Christ The Son!
My neighbor may not have such access
to a mighty God;
and I know what I do for him will
cause him to, Christ, applaud.

Yes, my neighbor right now has a need,

and I can meet the same.
In doing so, I know it will
bring glory to God's name!
In doing 'ordinary'
extraordinary comes about,
as, in the meeting of his need,
the very heavens shout!

"But who is my neighbor..."  Jesus settled such query years ago.  Wherever you are, whatever time of day it is, there is a neighbor nearby with a need.  So endless are the opportunities to serve, and God knows the affect it will have when you step in!


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