Tuesday, February 11, 2020

The Daily Challenge

For some of us, each day seems like a challenge.  For others, it is a breeze.  It's not God 'playing favorites,' it's just daily life and it affects every one of us!

In many situations,

so dire, so bizarre,
the hand of His protection
is guard against the scar!
Oft times, our very calling
takes us to unsecure,
but even THOSE locations,
His chosen, shall endure!
Just look back to Elijah,
way back into God's Word,
was he intimidated
when such as this occurred?
Did he not face the awfullest,
the danger, the bizarre?
Yet God most high, with his Own hand,
did shield him from all scar!
And what of other prophets?
What so became THEIR fate?
Did Jesus not protect, provide,
preserve them 'til that date,
that date that EVERY man will know
that only God decides?
For we shall prosper, suffer and live
as long as He decides!

Life--it has more variables
than any of us know;
BUT GOD, He knows of ALL of it,
so obey His call and GO!

Not one of us have been guaranteed a life free of challenges.  We ARE, however, guaranteed that we will not go through them alone!  Jesus Himself promises that, and it is proven anew each day we face!

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