Saturday, February 29, 2020

Settled Promises!

One more day gone by.  Sparse be the news or stories to spur us on, edify or encourage.  (Such 'news' doesn't sell, don't you know?)  BUT GOD has GOOD NEWS that is settled and secure, and YOU are part of it!

So many the restraints
that come with daily life.
But God, He so equips
that such may not cause strife!
The liberty that He provides--
none other to avail!
Live ye, therefore, knowing that
He will not let you fail.

Yes, this life has limits,

and He is well aware.
Depend thus fully on Him--
for none else may compare!
He will see to your victory
o'er this and every day,
even to your arrival where
no limits will delay!

In Him we live and move and breathe

and have our very being;
though our eyes, a different story,
may be clearly seeing,
He has our victory secure
where there will be no bounds!
Make sure your heart is right, therefore,
that YOU may see Those Grounds!

A Day is coming, (and very soon!) when all shackles, handicaps, hindrances and the like will be no more!  He said it is.  It is written.  And nothing of this earth can stop it from happening!

Hang in there, friend.  We're almost home!!

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