Saturday, February 15, 2020

Qualities in Him!

Peace,  Confidence.  Stability.  These priceless qualities can become yours when you have a relationship with Jesus...

When Jesus Christ--the Son of God,

calls you His very Own,
qualities so positive,
inside you, can be known!
And that peace that passes understanding
you can share with others,
as rampant be the strife amongst
your sisters and your brothers!
And 'issues' oh so minor can be
constant on the way,
but you can share that indwelt Peace
in all you do and say!
For absent be those qualities
in many in the race;
and that stability He gives
can help them with the pace!

The qualities of 'calm' that come

from Jesus Christ alone;
the totality of benefits--
but how could such be known?!
But necessary and desired
be the very same;
and all availed so freely in
the glory of His Name!

The name of Jesus.  The Person of Jesus.  The relationship with Jesus that is most vital in this life--all freely given as we give Him our heart!  We are so blessed!

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