Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Proper Life

A calling be placed in the heart of ALL that are born-again.  We are to carry out that calling with certain attitudes and ethos.  For then will God receive the glory...

Service, duty, humility
with valiance, boldness and care--
blessed are the fortunate
who do so unaware;
oblivious to attention,
ego,  esteem and pride;
for in the same way HE so lived,
He suffered and He died.
He did so KNOWING that this death,
for it is NOT the end,
and treasures be amassed for all
who do so and not pretend!

We're reminded that THIS life is

fragile, temporary,
and, through each day, we are to be
the humble contemporary.
We serve and we obey if 
accolades are or are not
knowing that the BEST reward
we have already got!
For Jesus paid the greatest to
secure for us the same,
and the least that we can do is, but
a witness for Him, claim!

Go your way then.  Do your best

with Heaven in your heart,
and Jesus Christ upon your face
KNOWING you have a part!

Service with humility.  Such to secure no greater reward, but that's not the motive.  It's all for the glory of God and the increase of His kingdom, and it applies to ALL that belong to Him!


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