Saturday, February 22, 2020


Before the alarm goes off...before my eyes are even open...I hear the dogs up to something!  I didn't want to be up this early, but I know I am not up alone...

Early in the morning,

already is the need.
But I know Who to contact,
and HE will intercede!
Before I do, however,
there is worship to be done,
as the flowers, trees and animals
all bask beneath the sun!

The variety of petals

that blossomed overnight
all come alive with vibrancy
as the trees dance with delight!
and the animals upon the ground,
and those upon the wing,
have started chores already
and, beautifully, sing!

Yes, early in the morning,

the need is very great;
but not so pressing that the 'lowest'
cannot celebrate.
Should WE not do so all the more
before our chores begin?
That song of celebration to Him--
ALL have it within!

Regardless what day it is, regardless what time you matter what the day will contain, there IS time to worship and praise God Most High!  AND HE IS WORTHY!

Let each of us be careful to begin in such a way.  The day will go much smoother!

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