Monday, February 17, 2020

Pastor Snider

I was informed of the passing of a dear man who was quite instrumental in shaping my spiritual life.  As painful as it is, I take comfort in knowing that he is suffering no longer, and he is now rejoicing in the very Presence of JESUS!

A life of dedication

and service to His Lord.
During such, so many memories
did he afford!
His wisdom and his teaching
yet benefit us still!
Remember Pastor Snider, oh,
but all my life I will!

So versed in Holy Scripture,

he offered it always!
Regardless of the service, Jesus
always got the praise!
so fitting for this man;
So very fortunate be each
who knew him by God's Plan!

And fortunate be Heaven now,

his spirit to receive!
Pastor Snider may be 'gone'
but he will NEVER leave!
He lives inside the memory,
and He resides in heart!
So gracious God to let him be,
of our lives, just a part!

Yes, fortunate and wealthy be those of us containing memories of this godly man!  Due his steady diligence in listening to God, reading and teaching His Word, our lives be all the richer!

We love you, Pastor Snider!

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