Monday, February 3, 2020


Heading north.  A list of chores in my head to take care of for the company.  It is a long drive, but it is very beautiful, and I am not alone...

The cliffs are playing with the fog

along the rocky coast..
the waves yet sing a worship song
that has the bard engrossed...
as, ingested, is the essence
of the ocean air,
there is an endless bounty that,
the servant, he would share!
I do so with the very One
Who makes those cliffs below!
God Most High rides with me as,
along the coast, I go!
The conversation that we have
is healing, deep and light;
we talk of massive issues, and
we laugh with great delight!
It's just like having the best of friends
come visit for awhile!
But God--He NEVER leaves my side
in anger...pain...or smile!

And He never leaves as I take in
the workings of His hand.
Anywhere I look for Him
I find Him in the land!
And we enjoy each other in
whatever must be done.
The perfect Partner in this life--
God, He is The One!

Whoever you are, wherever you may find yourself, God Most High is right there with you, waiting to hear from you, waiting to meet your need, and desiring to go through whatever you are going WITH YOU!  Don't go without!

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