Saturday, February 8, 2020


It's present once again.  Its effects are quite unpleasant.  And not just to the one in pain!  When one hurts, we all hurt.  BUT GOD...He understands and makes provision...

PAIN--it's dread reality

has gripped so many folks!
We do our best to press on while,
the same, be not a joke!
And ONE be there to fully 
understand the very same;
He's right beside us--tending us,
fathoming our claim!
But more--He is THE HEALER and
His Word suffices e'er!
Another great reality:
His perfect, loving care!
Regardless of the pain that is,
regardless of degree,
the power in the Blood, the love--
they have supremacy!

Pain--though it's reality,
it is temporary!
And NOTHING in this life be there
to make this Truth contrary!
And we ARE NOT alone when we
are hurting, sore or aching;
whenever such be happening,
His Christ be overtaking!!

Sickness...disease...injury...all part of this temporary life.  But JESUS is eternal, His Blood is omnipotent, and His Presence never leaves!  Lean into Him all the more and KNOW that we are healed in His Mighty Name!

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