Wednesday, February 5, 2020


There is a mist across the landscape this morning.  It is quite heavy.  Often dangerous.  However, there are also places to go, people to see and things to get done.

Morning breaks through water haze;

vapor hides the ground.
Sunlight sets the same aglow
and silence be the sound!
The valley filled up overnight
with vapor that can fly,
and as the same attempts to break
it's God I glorify!

Every morning come to pass

is beautiful and new.
Conversing with Him is utmost
regardless of the dew!
Brand new are is mercies,
His blessings and his grace;
and his gift of 'time' to make
a difference in this place.

And new right now, His Presence as
we start another day.
The plans He has, the plans I have,
He makes go the same way.
Looking forward to what He has,
mine all do I avail
KNOWING glory will get to Him
even through the veil!

It's foggy out there.  Be careful!  Be even more careful and mindful to heed His lead as He directs you today.  Yes,  you have plans and things that must be done, but I promise you there are divine appointments in various places as you carry out those plans!


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