Monday, February 10, 2020

Making sense

We say the same things...yet it may have many meanings depending on where we are or who our audience is:

"You suffered for our good, oh Lord;

You even died for all!
The things that you endured would have
the hardiest appalled!
Through every situation, though,
Your victories emerged!
Due Your sufferings and resolve
our very sins be purged!

You suffered for our good, oh lord,
and NOT 'religiously!'
'Religion' will not foster life,
and THAT abundantly!
RELATIONSHIP with You will cause
our body, spirit and soul
to manifest life in this place
and make completely whole!

Your love, Your grace, Your mercy, Lord,
is greatest in this life!
Your Presence only will abound us,
getting us through strife!
And getting us into a future
that contains all good!
Your message--it is Life, oh God,
and, further it, I should!"

We need to share the Good News at a level that those who need it may understand.  We have all sorts of language that we use in the church that may not be understood elsewhere, and if what we are telling the world makes no sense, how will they desire to have what we do and what they need?

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