Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Just a funeral term?!

"Ashes to ashes."
Too often we hear that phrase in the type of service we dread, but it behooves us to remind ourselves of it often so as to not forget our fragility...and HIS faithfulness!

From the very dust He made us

with His very hand;
He breathed 'life' into that which He
had fashioned from the land!
The intricacies of our being--
we are still finding out!
Reminded we that 'dust' we are,
lest we should garner clout!

To dust shall we return one day,

(lest we hear That Trumpet Sound!)
Thus, obeisance unto God,
in us, it should be found!
Without Him, we are nothing!  Yet,
in Him, we're everything!
May such a level of 
humility so grip our being!

He knows of every thought, intention

of each and every heart.
Still, He reaches out to us
and offers us a part!
He even sends His One Begotten
to indwell our hearts each day!
How, then, could anything except
humility be our stay?!

So many of us have accomplishments, titles, positions and, what THIS world considers, power, yet none of it matters when looking into Jesus' face, and taking to heart what He has accomplished!  Cling to Him all the more and do your best FOR HIS GLORY...for THAT is the only thing that will matter after all, and stand the test of time.


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