Tuesday, February 18, 2020


This life is not immune from injury.  The next life, for the redeemed, will be!  Until then, we press on through the ups-and-downs, the bumps and bruises, the hills and valleys...

The pain is so intense
it causes me to wince;
as long as I must move,
the same may not improve!
My love, she lies beside.
Her concern can't be denied;
her questions cause pain too,
through her concern so due.
For she saw it all occur
and felt 'helpless' as it were,
as that which caused this pain
leaves my memory once again.
For what does not improve
is discomfort as I move;
BUT GOD, He saw it too--
He WILL heal and make anew!
For what occurred today
will shortly go away,
but God, and my precious wife,
will remain daily in my life.
For they both love me best,
therefore, I WILL pass this test!

Yes, the pain--it is intense.

Sometimes, the same, it makes no sense;
and the present victory,
in THAT moment, it will be!
For His Blood retains its power,
and He comes in proper hour
His victory to bring--
therefore, I have cause to sing!

Yes, I have plenty of cause to sing!  The words and verses are not promised to be painless, but they are promised to continue to flow!  AND HE IS WORTHY OF THOSE VERSES, regardless how one may 'feel!'


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