Saturday, February 1, 2020

His Own!

The daily grind can become a chore...a absolute challenge!  Father God, however, can enter into your life and change all that!  Have you let Him in yet?

When energy is absent me

due what had to be done,
God understands this man complete,
addressing me as "son."
He knows the way I feel and does
all things that He must do,
and when He's finished, I am strong
and made completely new!

He is aware of all that happened

all throughout the day;
and in every situation He
provided me a way!
Even at that stressful point
when there was no way out,
He came to me with victory
and I was not without!

His strength--there is no limit there;

it CANNOT know an end!
And, fortunately, He chose me
to be a faithful friend!
Therefore, I see an energy
like not another known!
So fortunate to be of those 
He refers to as "His own!"

Are YOU one of His own?  He yet has unlimited spots available!  And He avails said strength to ALL who call upon Him!

Jesus Christ is THE Strength that you must have to make it through each day!  He never fails!

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