Friday, February 28, 2020


Again, Father God reminds me that He is far greater than 'time' or the restraints of it!  He does so, however, with such grace, wonder and beauty...

The end of February--

the chill is still upon!
The 'worst of winter' some would call,
the same, it now be gone.
And very subtle hints of spring
so catch the eye this morn--
it seems that blooms and blossoms,
overnight, have they been born!
The very highest of the limbs
contain those pods alive
as I watch the birds and squirrels,
one by one, arrive!

The end of February,

and God is well aware.
As life goes on and changes happen,
change not does His care!
His protection and provision,
His Presence changes not;
whatever be the season, His great
blessings we have got!
And His full attention have we
through his constant care.
Make a difference, therefore, knowing
you have Him to share!

God is so good...and He is far greater than 'calendars!'  He speaks the words and those blooms and blossoms occur!  And, thankfully, He is NOT seasonal!  He does, however, have them in order for us to enjoy!  Don't forget to thank Him for that as you go through your day beholding His handiwork.


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