Sunday, February 2, 2020


How fortunate be them that can make such claim.  Is that how YOU feel when you go to work each day?  Who is your employer?

 I have a job because of grace--
because of grace alone!
There are complainers all about,
but praises shall be known!
regardless, praise is known
because I am employed BY GOD,
and He calls me His Own!

So often in the day I hear

"How can you have a song?!"
It is because He is my Source
and, to Him, I belong!
It does not matter where you work
or even what you do,
WITH GOD inside your very soul
each day, it is anew!

There are too many laborers 
who do not know The Source!
Part of my 'job,' therefore, is to
display that Awesome Force!
Jesus Christ inside my word
and on my very face
may cause someone to notice and
seek out His saving grace!

Each of us has a job.  Something at which we labor to make a living.  If we go there each day dreading it, it will definitely show in what we do.  God tells us to work as if HE is our employer.  After all, He provided it!  In doing so, we will certainly reap His benefits!

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