Thursday, February 27, 2020

But I want it now!

Have you ever felt that way?  Especially regarding folks you are acquainted with that seem to just suddenly 'drop off?'  NEVER give up hope!

How precious and refreshing be
that voice you long to hear!
That one you could not get in touch with
so, the worst, you fear!
You pray for them and leave them in
the hands of Knowing God,
and when they get in touch with you
your heart and soul applaud!

Continue, though, to pray for them

when they cannot be heard
and you know not the reason--for then
they NEED every word!
And petition the very God
Who sees and knows all things;
the ONLY One Who, comfort, peace,
and true relief, so brings!

That voice so welcome--there be one,

at least one in each heart.
Lose not hope in yearning; of your
prayers, make it a part!
The God Who knows all things will cause
that voice to reappear,
and perfect peace shall be your stay
as celebrations cheer!

Have you any idea what these words mean?  Is there someone YOU haven't heard from and wonder about?  God knows all about them and He will supply you with all you need as you wait!  Do all you can and let God do the rest.


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