Monday, February 24, 2020


The Word of God lives!  It implores us to announce His coming, and authorizes us to introduce Him to a lost and dying world until That Day...

Blow a trumpet in Zion, Zion;

sound alarm throughout the land!
He is worthy!  He is holy!
You are graven on His hand!
Worthy of all praise is He,
all adoration, too!
Blow a trumpet!  Celebrate--
for Jesus celebrates you!

And in that Place where time is not
there is a party too!
The factors of this life are absent,
Christ is in full-view!
His glory, it is imminent,
the same so emanates!
He walks amongst the ones he loves
and each one celebrates!

"BLOW A TRUMPET!"  Ancient be
the confident command.
The Word, though, it is still alive,
so rise up!  TAKE A STAND!
Celebrate him everywhere
as time be growing short!
Sound the word: HE IS THE WAY,
no factor to distort!

Yes, tune the ear, hear That Trumpet even now in the distance!  For the hour is upon us, and now is, that Jesus Christ be poised to come receive his own to himself!  Are YOU one of them yet?

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