Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Beyond vision

Driving along.  The wind and rain be driving, too!  The pastures, trees and valleys go as far as the eye can see.  Too, cliffs of solid rock line the way where they have cut away to make the highway.
And something else: evergreens are growing out of that 'solid rock!'  How can this be?  How can something take root where there seems to be no 'good ground?'
What about the heart?  God can and does do the same with the heart!  We know, each of us, someone in our lives that we determine has a 'stone-cold' heart.  Has God given up on them?  Does HE see them that way?  No.  Even though THEY may not appear to possess the 'proper' soil that it takes to make something grow, God can cause something beautiful to spring from them and flourish!
Those evergreens that line the rocky hillsides appear to have nothing in which to sink their roots, but look how long they have been there, and look at how beautiful they are!
Let us be very careful not to write someone off or give up on them just because of 'outward appearances' or where they come from.  God doesn't!  We do not know all that they have been through, (or what is contained inside of them,) that may cause them to 'appear' that way.
Give people a chance.  You never know what kind of jewels are concealed by our outlook, assumption or our outright ignorance!

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