Thursday, February 6, 2020

Acts 17

God's Holy Word is so full of wonderful truths and promises.  It is so alive that it can be applied to anyone, anytime!  Just listen to these truths from Acts 17 in the NPV (New Poet's Version!)...

"In You, we live and move, oh Lord,
we have our very breath!
You see to our necessities
as we stand on "Thus saith…"
You take us as we are, and from
the same You  make a gem!
We prosper, Lord, as we progress
while clinging to Your hem!

While those about are seeking to
discredit and dismiss,
You prosper all the more, oh God,
and we so gain from this!
Your glorious reality
shows in so many ways!
As we take care, Lord, in this life,
You garner all the praise!

Regardless of the situation
'life' each day may hold,
in You may we go forward yet,
so resolute, so bold!
For with You there is no 'unknown,'
each step have You ordained!
We move and breathe and have our being,
being 'Spirit-trained!'

We prosper and progress.
You lavish and You bless!
In boldness we so live,
and, through us, Lord, you give!"

God is so generous in seeing that we are taken care of!  Are you ALLOWING Him full access to ALL areas of your life so He can do the same for you?

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