Sunday, January 19, 2020

What to do with 'hurt'

How wonderful it is to 'belong!'  With Jesus Christ as Your Savior, whatever life may throw your way you will be able to tolerate, endure, or even say "Here, Lord, You take this.  I can't handle it."

Though great may be the pain, I will rejoice.

Though no man may explain, I have a choice.
The very One providing me with song,
He knows just what to do and all that's wrong!
Yea, the One Who gives the constant song to me
is wiser than any man could ever be;
He made, with His Own hands, (and THAT not plain!)
anything that, for the moment, is feeling pain.

What be the sickness...whatever be the disease...
whatever the cause, He's more than any of these!
His touch, His Blood, His very Word they will suffice!

Though great may be the pain, He is so much more!
And I will praise Him--even if I am sore!
And I will praise Him in that Glory place
where, pain and sickness all, He will erase!
For Jesus--He is everything to me,
and He shall be throughout all eternity!
And minimal be this amount of pain
compared to the perfection that we will gain!

We all go through different things every day.  God knows this.  He knew it even before He created creation!  So He made Provision for it through the precious Blood of Jesus Christ His Son!
Whatever YOU are going through, talk to God about it.  He already fully knows about it, but LISTEN for Him to answer!  He always does!

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