Tuesday, January 7, 2020


The very same word can have positive OR negative connotations and overtones.  Carrying on a family tradition can be fun, valuable and meaningful.  At the same time, sticking to a tradition can hinder growth, induce boredom and just flat become lifeless!
GOD, however, can provide such wonderful balance so that 'tradition' does not become mere 'ritual.'

"You fill our lives with living as
we give ourselves to you.
You make our day adventurous
if we allow you to!
Even the 'same-old, same-old' becomes
new when You are first;
We give ourselves to You, therefore,
lest we should see the worst!
But there is GOOD, there is EXCITEMENT
as we live for You!
As You direct our steps each day,
all life is made anew!
Even when we include You in
'traditions' as we know,
there becomes a spark anew,
and, from the same, we grow!

'Traditions--' may they not become 
mere 'rituals' we do;
may they be fun, adventurous,
and may they include YOU!
For You've created each with
lest there be no more zest to live
the way You meant to be!"

Traditions.  Families have traditions.  Churches have traditions.  Companies have traditions.  Let us each be careful to observe the important ones in such a way that they not become mere 'ritual!'

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