Monday, January 20, 2020

These Complicated Days

So they are.  BUT GOD has given us a special ability to develop something to help one another through these days.  Have YOU discovered what that is yet?

How many complications be

in 'just another day...?'
As time goes by, does
'simplicity' go by the way?
With progress and advancement come
such headache, it would seem,
the 'easier' life does become,
the more be the extreme?

Simpler times.  Simpler things

like 'trust,' 'manners' and 'care.'
All would seem to disappear
as we, advancement, dare!
The more 'convenient' life becomes,
the less we need each other?
O be there NEVER a time we have no need
of a friend or brother!!

Yes, life is complicated and

more so it seems each day,
which is exactly why we need
each other on the way!
God has designed us so that,
one another, we attend.
In doing so, we so become
a thing that He calls "friend."

I need friends.  You need friends.  We each need one another, and we ALL have need of God!  I can be that friend, but only God can fill that void that remains.  Will you allow Him to?


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