Saturday, January 4, 2020

There is only one you!

Each and every one of us are affected by them.  Each and every one of us participate in them.  However, just how many of those 'works' matter, and who do they affect?

You came to me right at the perfect time.
You did something that 'appeared' to have little rhyme.
But what you did affected in major ways!
How many are such works throughout 'normal' days?

You gave to me while saying "This isn't much..."
But what you did had such a profound touch!
You may never know its depth here in THIS life,
but what you did alleviated so much strife!
It may not have seemed like very much to you,
but it was exactly what was necessary and due!
Don't ever feel like your gift is 'paltry' or 'small;'
for you may be giving the greatest gift of all!

Obedience--it is so very underrated!
What you do may be 'common,' but it's celebrated
by those who cannot perform the tasks you've done.
Be yourself.  Do what you do in the Name of The Son!

Thank you for being who you are.
Thank you for doing what you do and striving to be the best at it!  There is a 'you' shaped hole in this life that only YOU can fill!  Submit to God daily and ask Him to lead you to 'that' place!  Nobody can fill it like you!

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