Friday, January 3, 2020

The Truest Heart

Motives.  Intentions.  Agendas.  What is it that causes us to do good unto others?  Should it not be 'purity of heart?'  

"You give me everything I am

to do all I can do;
if any 'glory' comes of it,
it all belongs to YOU!
The 'titles' and 'positions' that
may be attached to me
are only there, Lord, due the grace
that You abound to be!
And forbid this man to EVER flaunt,
antagonize or, worse,
use the authority You give
to manipulate or coerce!
For that would be most grievous to
myself and to Your Name--
bringing to myself (and others,)
Yours and mans great shame.

For Your glory, Yours alone,

with all humility,
help me to help myself, and others,
be all they can be
and come to know that satisfaction
come from pleasing You;
for all that You do for us
it's the least that I can do!"

I know so many people, too many people, who possess so much talent that they feel that they can treat others any way they want.  Let us check our hearts and make sure we are NOT of that number, as WE are gifted by God Himself!

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