Friday, January 31, 2020

The Lover of my soul

Love.  It is a 'thing' that all desire, yet it be a thing that means something different to just about anyone you ask!  The is a love, however, that did, can and will last longer than anything we know!  Do YOU know that kind of Love?

The Lover of my soul, He is
Possessor of the same!
Not any other 'force' be there
to make so bold a claim!
He paid the greatest cost for it,
went through what w could not,
arising with such victory
I finally could be bought!

O there be so many others yet

that seek to so outbid,
but NONE be there, (nor e'er will be!)
to accomplish what He did!
Trading His Own life for mine
so far before the sale;
thenceforth and through eternity
His treasures to avail!

The Lover of my soul--for He 

accompanies each day
straightening my path upon
a very twisted way;
forgiving all my sin,
that I would know His Paradise 
and spend forever in!

The Lover of my soul--

He makes my living whole
in this life and the next;
won't YOU, His love, accept?

The Lover of my soul.  He loves you, too!  EVEN YOU!!  Don't ever take that love for granted, for it is protection from any and all challenges in this life!  And you can have it for all eternity!!


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