Wednesday, January 8, 2020

THE Firm Stance!

Yes, these are troubling times.  We are not, however, to be troubled in our souls.  We are to be secure in knowing that God is fully aware and who, what, where and when...

Above the situation you may

find inside your day
God is firmly in control--
and HE has final say!
Events, activities and trials--
He has seen before;
He knew that it was coming and 
He knows all that's in store!
So put your full trust in Him,
(though you cannot even see;)
the outcome, it is settled, and
for His Own victory!
The news...reports...and your own eyes,
important though they be,
what God has set in order will
remain eternally!

Even in the here and now

with all that's going on,
God's love, peace and security
not ever will be gone!

Yes, we live in troubled times in an unstable world.  BUT GOD knows exactly what is going on everywhere at all times.  And we are not only called to live with such peace in our hearts, but to spread the same wherever we go...regardless how the situation appears!  Yes, YOU CAN DO THIS!


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