Tuesday, January 21, 2020

The Contents Within

Today was very busy with business.  Today required quite a bit to be done...by each of us!  As we did those things, was anyone affected...

What manner of content has one within?

The same be told that which flows without.
The issues that are thought of, spoken or done,
they are the gauge of what's in anyone.
For even when there is no else around
THERE the measure of a heart be found!

'Integrity' become an endangered species?

'My words and actions affect only this one!'
Such attitudes abounding in the present
just cannot fathom the damage that is done!
Each of us be responsible for our actions,
(and the repercussions of the same!)
Make sure that Jesus has rein of our passions,
lest it be HIS reputation we defame!

Daily, indeed, constantly we have a duty
to live out love in unfamiliar places.
In doing so we bless so many others...
in doing so we demonstrate His graces!
In doing so, the content THEY have within
might even be transformed and Life be found!
Daily, therefore, constantly live boldly
KNOWING you're secure on holy ground!

Today was so very busy.  I did business with almost 1,000 people. Sure, money exchanged hands, but is that all that they recall of me today?  If so, today was not successful at all.

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