Thursday, January 23, 2020

That Vital Intimacy

Relationships.  All of us have them.  Are some more valuable than others?  Should they be?  There is ONE relationship, however, that IS more valuable than any other, and it is vital in the days that are...
Intimacy once more--
fellowship with God.
When I speak of our relationship
some find it very odd.
But those who have a healthy, vibrant
life with Jesus Christ
hear me talk about the Lord
and give it no thought twice!
Some, however, find quite foreign
such relationship;
the same be first to second-guess,
the same to often quip.
BUT GOD, He knows the heart of me
and how I need Him so;
encouraging this man to help others,
that same God, to know!

Would 'intimate' describe the way

that YOU relate to God?
Or does that term, in reference to him,
strike even you as odd?
BUT GOD, He wants to know you that way,
whomever you may be!
And He avails Himself in whole
to ALL who dare to see!

So wonderful.  So beautiful.  So very far from 'ordinary' and 'ritual' be God Most High's affection and desire for you. EVEN YOU!  Trust Him and see what a difference Jesus WILL make in your life!


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