Sunday, January 5, 2020


A new year.  New opportunities.  New expectations.  New goals.  Even God is new?  No, but His mercies are!  And not just at New year's, but new every day!

"You give me yet another year--

so many things to see!
You give of Your abundance and 
Your generosity!
How tragic is the attitude
'It's just another day...'
when You have such abundance waiting
for EVERYONE each day!
So new to be Your Word each time
I part those hallowed pages...
so new to be the day as I
behold its many stages...
so new to be each conversation
with each one we see--
IF we let Holy Spirit choose
our words as He would see!"

Never 'just another day'

when, to Him, you belong!
It's merely one more verse unto
a never-ending song.
We are the words, He is the music
and the melody,
and beautiful and ever-changing
is the symphony!

New year.  New you.  New everything...BUT GOD has it all in order for your good!  Submit yourself to Him, get involved and enjoy the ride!


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