Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Morning Assurance

As I sat this morning in the silence and solace of 'early,' the following promises came to me in conversation with Him...

"In trial and in triumph I AM with you.
NOTHING happens that escapes My sight!
I anger, hurt or grieve in your each challenge;
but, most of all, in you I take delight!
Your each and every step have I so ordered;
but there may be 'affects' around each one;
I will be there inside you through each moment;
My care for you--it NEVER shall be done!

You asked for Me to be your Lord and Savior.
(I knew that you would ask that all along!)
Thus I pledged to be inside and all around you,
even when events may go so wrong!
But even THEN I will not ever leave you;
and that which happens WILL have recompense,
as there is a majority around you
who go through life not exercising 'sense!'

But GOOD will happen, and THAT far more often!
Most, though, will not focus on the same.
Do YOUR good, therefore, in such a manner
not purposing to garner any fame.
I know what was, what is and all that will be,
and reward will come unto you in some form;
For I desire you stay the straight and narrow,
and not, unto the world's ways, conform!

For in trial and in triumph I am with you.
I know what will become of all that be.
Do your best from one foot to another,
and trust results yet fully unto Me!
I know who and where you are at all times,
and My will for you is settled and secure!
I only call for you to trust and obey Me,
suffer, enjoy, endeavor and endure!"

How wonderful God is to provide assurances for us at the most opportune times!  Listen for His voice.  I promise you He will speak!

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