Saturday, January 25, 2020

Live best!

Jesus never fails.  God always provides.  His power, love and authority NEVER fluctuate!

"You know what is to be before it happens.

You offer all that we need to prepare.
There never is occasion of 'disaster'
when Your Presence is not already there!
And not will come a thing You're not aware of,
though people, they may panic in surprise;
You know the situation absolutely
as You've already seen it with your eyes.

Though we have 'news' that's broadcast without end,

You knew of it and You know what will come;
thus absolute faith in You at all hours--
it SHOULD be the most sensible of sum!
Yet here we sit, glued to our favorite channel
watching...waiting...worrying what's next!
Your very Word declares each day is ordered,
so why be we surprised and so perplexed?!
All that we will see today has happened
if we look upon it through YOUR time!
Therefore, we should comfort one another,
and encourage each other through this paradigm.
We pray for others as we cry "COME QUICKLY!"
as You have commanded us to do.
We do what we are capable of and called to
KNOWING that all else is up to YOU!"

God was.  God is.  God is to come!  Life is a constancy that we simply cannot grasp.  We must simply live the moment, savor what we can and do our best.  I find that this is quite difficult for some.


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