Thursday, January 30, 2020

Life so foreign?

As I read the headlines, watch the news or get letters from other folks around the world, some of it sounds so foreign to those of us who savor freedom...

How can I even fathom life 

in places that exist
where liberty and freedoms I know
are completely missed?
How can 'they' know what they're missing
if it's never been,
if they've only known oppression
brought by ruthless men?
BUT GOD, the One great equalizer
sees and knows all things;
and in this life or in the next
He, restitution, brings!
That which we have suffered, 
persevered through or endured,
He vows that, compensation for
the same, it is secured!

Do not give up!  Do not just quit!

Press on as best you can;
depend, rely and trust in God
before your brother man.
You're doing so for GOD'S own glory;
HE will recompense!
And greater far be His reward
for what may make no sense!

Trust me, there are things going on in places in this world that make no sense at all.  Righteous people around this globe are suffering for doing good at the hands of folks who could care less.  BUT NOT FOR LONG!  Jesus Christ is coming again and HE will make all things right!  Hang in there!


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