Monday, January 27, 2020

It's NOT my life!

Once again, a million things happening around and I be trying to keep up.  In the midst of it all, someone comes up to me...

How can I judge my brother when

he's asking me for food...
when someone says "I need to talk,"
how could I be so rude?!
If I be truthful in my world
and in the times that be,
I may be the only "Jesus"
they may ever see!
Sometimes that costs money...

sometimes, time it takes...
whatever be the cost, I know
the difference it makes!
I've learned, though, not to count the cost
but follow Spirit's lead;
letting Him be Guard and Guide
will satisfy the need!

How can I judge my brother?

It's not difficult to do.
Often, just the way I look at him
will cause the trial be through.
I must look and speak like Jesus Christ
to have good affect!
We must know that ANYTHING we do
will have lasting effect!

Like it or not, all that we do or say is seen or heard by somebody somewhere.  The smallest thing I may do today may affect someone's life...for better or worse.  Let Jesus live freely through you that HE may be glorified and desired.

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