Thursday, January 2, 2020


Yes, we are so blessed!  Blessed because Jesus saved our souls and His Lifeblood runs through our veins!  Is such a part of YOUR life?

How blessed are those belonging to
The One Who owns all things!
In all that comes, whatever day,
are songs that each one sings!
Treasures of this earth are not
a factor unto them--
what matters most is that firm grip
upon His very hem!
And though many be the struggles or
the challenges that be,
His Own, they take each one in stride,
and garner victory!
Victory not of themselves,
but He provides the same!
How would life differ if ALL men
would, His Own life, take claim?
A better world would be, indeed;
but, soon, reality
as He will split the skies above
and sound out VICTORY!
Yes, "Soon and very soon..." the song
of all of those belonging!
We press on with that Song alive
while we, each day, be longing!!

Love.  Joy.  Peace.  Hope.  Such are the staples of life for them that belong to Jesus.  And He gives us enough to give away!  And it is IMPOSSIBLE to give it all away because He keeps filling us anew.  Filling us until we hear THAT Trumpet sound!


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