Thursday, January 9, 2020

Everything for Always!

How do you answer the question "What does Jesus mean in your life?"  Some keep Him at a distance, but He is such an integral part of ALL my living, that there are so many answers to said query!

"You are strength to make it through whatever day;
You are hope to cling to all along the way;
You are peace for all that may or may not be;
and You never, ever will abandon me!

Too, You are a Refuge at all times!

When this life, it does or does not rhyme,
Your open arms--they never disappear!
And You are the ONLY absolute that's here!
The ONLY One Who will not disappoint,
We desire You, each moment, to anoint
with everything exclusive unto You--
assuring victory will see us through!

Whatever this day is or has become,

with YOU, oh Lord, great goodness be the sum.
Trusting, serving and obeying You
causes 'whatever' day become anew!"

Don't keep Jesus at a distance.  He wants to infiltrate your life, and He can improve and enhance every area that you allow Him to!


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