Monday, January 6, 2020

Eternal affair!

Back to normal?  Does 'normal' even exist?!  Christmas may be behind us, oh, but the celebration continues...and shall throughout eternity!

Weeks now after jubilation--
festivities not in vain!
Jesus comes--emotions many,
most of them remain!
The greatest Gift He yet remains
and guides our lives each day;
so much happened--so much yet
remains to be this day!

Jesus--come a fragile infant,

Jesus--King to be;
Jesus come in crude environs,
A stable bed His earthly start,
now streets of gold forever!
He left in pain and agony,
but He will leave us NEVER!

Weeks now after jubilation?

NO! It yet goes on!
And we will join Him evermore
when these days all be gone!
We celebrate him until then,
for worthy is The Lamb!
Come as a Baby in a manger,
yet the great 'I AM!'

We may wait until the end of the year to fete one another with gifts, but we must gift Jesus each and every new day...AND RIGHTLY SO!  He is worthy of such!  I pray that YOUR celebration of Him yet goes on!


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