Monday, January 13, 2020


We are an emotional people.  God has so designed us that way.  Nobody, therefore, should expect us to behave or react differently.  God, however, is greater than those emotions, and has His arms wide open at all times for us...

"You're so far above emotions--
yet You understand them each;
regardless how far away I feel
I'm still inside Your reach;
no matter what my body feels,
You've been through it before;
You look at me in ALL of life
and say "I AM much more!"

Oh Lord, You are so very good,

even when life is not.
The answer, Lord, to everything
but surely You have got!
You are healing, You are strength,
grace and understanding;
in this life and in the next
Your authority is commanding!

Oh Lord, You love me perfectly,

You know each want and need;
of any love this life would know,
Lord, Yours does far exceed!
And not a greater love will be,
therefore, to You, we cling!
You are the song in every
situation we may sing!"

Whatever you are going through, God is already there.  Whatever you may be feeling, He cares about You more than any other!  Give yourself to Him fully.  Don't hold anything back!  He is already fully aware of it and knows exactly what to do at all times!


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