Saturday, January 18, 2020

Don't Get Too Comfortable!

Doing deeds.  Getting things done.  Ministering to people all along the way.  All that, however, will change dramatically soon...

The affairs we are accustomed to...

the ways of each new day...
the mores of this daily life--
the fabulous, the fray...
there is something that is greater far
than that to which we hold,
and it will commence at any moment,
for no man has been told!
Yea, that far greater that's awaiting,
that which we desire,
from God Himself, at trumpet blast,
shall each of us acquire!
For when He splits the skies above
and gallops into view
all things to which we are accustomed
shall be beautiful and new!
And things too glorious for sight
we'll see there in That Place
because He has provided it
of His abundant grace!
And that which is familiar will be
left so far behind
as that which is much better PERFECT,
in That place we'll find!

And Jesus will be with us!  

At our side forevermore!
No longer 'darkly, through a glass...'
but much, so much, much more!
Perfection we shall know forever
there in that final Place,
living in His Holy Presence
due alone His massive grace!!

Yes!  Soon and very soon!  "EVEN SO, COME QUICKLY, LORD JESUS!" should be our cry several times a day in this fleeting life, as there is far greater awaiting in Him and in His Presence!


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