Wednesday, January 22, 2020

But there is JOY!!

Regardless of the trials and tribulations of this life, there is a constant available to all that will enable any to withstand whatever.  His Name is Jesus.  And HE IS JOY!
There is joy without limit
availed to us each day.
It overshadows every
obstacle along the way!
It even causes music where
it has not been before!
and that Joy--it always has been
and shall be evermore!

That Joy--His Name is Jesus and

He's more than anything!
Regardless situation, Joy
unspeakable He brings!
He is not unaware of oh
the days and times that are,
but His joyous Presence in them all
will get you very far!
Even in the empty place
when you feel all alone,
Jesus Christ is present there
and His joy can be known!

Yes, there be Joy so independent

from this life each day;
yet given, in abundance, to us
all along the way!
Jesus is The Joy that does not
ever dissipate!
He will escort through all of 'time'
as He's immune from 'date!

Life happens.  BUT THERE IS JOY!  Inadequacies are.  BUT THERE IS JOY!  Things go on EVERY DAY that are not fair.  BUT THERE IS JOY!  Get to know that Joy for YOUR each and every moment.  HIS NAME IS JESUS, and He will NEVER let you down!


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