Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Blessings in disguise

I screwed up.  No use trying to hide it.  I'll outright say it.  However, I must not beat myself up over it.  There still remain "Opportunities" in life.
Years ago, Pastor Venable taught us that most of the 'problems' we face in life are really 'opportunities' in disguise.  The longer I live, the more truth I find in the words God gave him.

The pain of day has come to be,
it hurts and has gone wrong.
I look beyond, therefore, and wonder
'What will be the song?'
That which is I release to God
and do the best I can,
all the while, receiving 'those looks'
from my fellow man.
But that which is this day is known
to not another man!
I give all facets unto God
because I know HE CAN!

That which is gone wrong with the day--
it is but temporary;
and energy is wasted when
we would become contrary!
It's done.  It's known.  Go on from here
and do your very best.
I KNOW, regardless what has happened,
somebody will be blessed!

It's not the end.  It may not be tragic.  Whatever it is can be used by God to bless, to teach or bring glory to Himself.   I see it too often to know otherwise!

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