Friday, January 10, 2020

Another precious promise

The holidays are behind us.  Back to the daily grind where people try to do as much as they can as fast as they can.  But WE belong to God, and there is a better way for us!

The sounds of life abound today

as it be in a bustle!
What man be there to list them all
as we be in such hustle?
The work is endless.  Labors--they
are without number, too;
but, for each person, there is a 
specific rendezvous!
For God would call each one of us
unto a certain place.
For each would differ the locale,
but there be peace and grace!
Calm would also be there too,
providing its sure touch;
and he does see that opportune
would come unto each much!

Life is busy!  Life is getting

busier each day!
But somewhere in it God makes sure
that each one has a way
to rest, relax and hear the silence
of his soothing voice--
it is availed to each of us,
but WE must make that choice!

Labors are...for now.  But there is a haven awaiting somewhere, sometime before the day ends for us to catch our breath, enjoy His Presence and renew our strength!  It is His promise!


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