Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Another happy surprise from Him!

So many things about God are 'dependable,' not necessarily 'predictable.'  'Unexpected, however, was the temperature on the morning this was given to me...and VERY enjoyable...

Morning lightly tints the branches
in the early on...
so fascinating are the shades
He uses in the dawn!
Colors that aren't seen at any
other time of day,
in the earliest, He has 
in glorious display!

Time would cease, that one could savor

such a wondrous sight;
in the silence would He make
a wondrous delight!
Knowing what's ahead for each
and every person living.
He makes a very subtle gift
that, all the day, keeps giving!

"scattered everywhere?"
But no.  He has them each in order
due His perfect care!
Winter in the earliest--
'unseasonal' at best
as, with the warmth of autumn, has
this day been oddly blessed!

A vision so pleasing to the eyes...a temperature so pleasing to the odd to begin winter this way, however, His ways are far greater than our understanding, and we will enjoy every moment of it!

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