Tuesday, January 28, 2020


The more advanced we get...the  busier...(the older we get!)...it seems the angrier we get.  (Just watch people in a drive-thru!)  However, it be just as true that the older we get, one moment closer we get to a Place where

Everybody will be happy,

all will have a song;
and it will NOT be temporary,
fleeting or 'not long!
Heaven--it is only waiting 
for God's great command
when all who have His blood within
will vacate this great land!
Gabriel is waiting with
his trumpet firm in hand!
Already is a Place prepared
where eternity be spanned!
Already God stands smiling with
His arms spread open wide:
"Here is My perfect Paradise!
Come ye, step inside!"
Then the advances...busyness...
or anger some may feel
will fade into oblivion, as
Perfection shall be real!
O lose not hope as days go on,
and, surely, DO NOT QUIT!
For we're one day closer to That Place
where everything will fit!

Hang in there.  Press on!  That which we may be temporarily enduring compares not at all to the glories of His Presence and that Place He as prepared!  WE'RE ALMOST THERE!


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