Friday, January 31, 2020

The Lover of my soul

Love.  It is a 'thing' that all desire, yet it be a thing that means something different to just about anyone you ask!  The is a love, however, that did, can and will last longer than anything we know!  Do YOU know that kind of Love?

The Lover of my soul, He is
Possessor of the same!
Not any other 'force' be there
to make so bold a claim!
He paid the greatest cost for it,
went through what w could not,
arising with such victory
I finally could be bought!

O there be so many others yet

that seek to so outbid,
but NONE be there, (nor e'er will be!)
to accomplish what He did!
Trading His Own life for mine
so far before the sale;
thenceforth and through eternity
His treasures to avail!

The Lover of my soul--for He 

accompanies each day
straightening my path upon
a very twisted way;
forgiving all my sin,
that I would know His Paradise 
and spend forever in!

The Lover of my soul--

He makes my living whole
in this life and the next;
won't YOU, His love, accept?

The Lover of my soul.  He loves you, too!  EVEN YOU!!  Don't ever take that love for granted, for it is protection from any and all challenges in this life!  And you can have it for all eternity!!


Thursday, January 30, 2020

Life so foreign?

As I read the headlines, watch the news or get letters from other folks around the world, some of it sounds so foreign to those of us who savor freedom...

How can I even fathom life 

in places that exist
where liberty and freedoms I know
are completely missed?
How can 'they' know what they're missing
if it's never been,
if they've only known oppression
brought by ruthless men?
BUT GOD, the One great equalizer
sees and knows all things;
and in this life or in the next
He, restitution, brings!
That which we have suffered, 
persevered through or endured,
He vows that, compensation for
the same, it is secured!

Do not give up!  Do not just quit!

Press on as best you can;
depend, rely and trust in God
before your brother man.
You're doing so for GOD'S own glory;
HE will recompense!
And greater far be His reward
for what may make no sense!

Trust me, there are things going on in places in this world that make no sense at all.  Righteous people around this globe are suffering for doing good at the hands of folks who could care less.  BUT NOT FOR LONG!  Jesus Christ is coming again and HE will make all things right!  Hang in there!


Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Blessings in disguise

I screwed up.  No use trying to hide it.  I'll outright say it.  However, I must not beat myself up over it.  There still remain "Opportunities" in life.
Years ago, Pastor Venable taught us that most of the 'problems' we face in life are really 'opportunities' in disguise.  The longer I live, the more truth I find in the words God gave him.

The pain of day has come to be,
it hurts and has gone wrong.
I look beyond, therefore, and wonder
'What will be the song?'
That which is I release to God
and do the best I can,
all the while, receiving 'those looks'
from my fellow man.
But that which is this day is known
to not another man!
I give all facets unto God
because I know HE CAN!

That which is gone wrong with the day--
it is but temporary;
and energy is wasted when
we would become contrary!
It's done.  It's known.  Go on from here
and do your very best.
I KNOW, regardless what has happened,
somebody will be blessed!

It's not the end.  It may not be tragic.  Whatever it is can be used by God to bless, to teach or bring glory to Himself.   I see it too often to know otherwise!

Tuesday, January 28, 2020


The more advanced we get...the  busier...(the older we get!) seems the angrier we get.  (Just watch people in a drive-thru!)  However, it be just as true that the older we get, one moment closer we get to a Place where

Everybody will be happy,

all will have a song;
and it will NOT be temporary,
fleeting or 'not long!
Heaven--it is only waiting 
for God's great command
when all who have His blood within
will vacate this great land!
Gabriel is waiting with
his trumpet firm in hand!
Already is a Place prepared
where eternity be spanned!
Already God stands smiling with
His arms spread open wide:
"Here is My perfect Paradise!
Come ye, step inside!"
Then the advances...busyness...
or anger some may feel
will fade into oblivion, as
Perfection shall be real!
O lose not hope as days go on,
and, surely, DO NOT QUIT!
For we're one day closer to That Place
where everything will fit!

Hang in there.  Press on!  That which we may be temporarily enduring compares not at all to the glories of His Presence and that Place He as prepared!  WE'RE ALMOST THERE!


Monday, January 27, 2020

It's NOT my life!

Once again, a million things happening around and I be trying to keep up.  In the midst of it all, someone comes up to me...

How can I judge my brother when

he's asking me for food...
when someone says "I need to talk,"
how could I be so rude?!
If I be truthful in my world
and in the times that be,
I may be the only "Jesus"
they may ever see!
Sometimes that costs money...

sometimes, time it takes...
whatever be the cost, I know
the difference it makes!
I've learned, though, not to count the cost
but follow Spirit's lead;
letting Him be Guard and Guide
will satisfy the need!

How can I judge my brother?

It's not difficult to do.
Often, just the way I look at him
will cause the trial be through.
I must look and speak like Jesus Christ
to have good affect!
We must know that ANYTHING we do
will have lasting effect!

Like it or not, all that we do or say is seen or heard by somebody somewhere.  The smallest thing I may do today may affect someone's life...for better or worse.  Let Jesus live freely through you that HE may be glorified and desired.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Live best!

Jesus never fails.  God always provides.  His power, love and authority NEVER fluctuate!

"You know what is to be before it happens.

You offer all that we need to prepare.
There never is occasion of 'disaster'
when Your Presence is not already there!
And not will come a thing You're not aware of,
though people, they may panic in surprise;
You know the situation absolutely
as You've already seen it with your eyes.

Though we have 'news' that's broadcast without end,

You knew of it and You know what will come;
thus absolute faith in You at all hours--
it SHOULD be the most sensible of sum!
Yet here we sit, glued to our favorite channel
watching...waiting...worrying what's next!
Your very Word declares each day is ordered,
so why be we surprised and so perplexed?!
All that we will see today has happened
if we look upon it through YOUR time!
Therefore, we should comfort one another,
and encourage each other through this paradigm.
We pray for others as we cry "COME QUICKLY!"
as You have commanded us to do.
We do what we are capable of and called to
KNOWING that all else is up to YOU!"

God was.  God is.  God is to come!  Life is a constancy that we simply cannot grasp.  We must simply live the moment, savor what we can and do our best.  I find that this is quite difficult for some.


Friday, January 24, 2020

I know!

"I understand."
How comforting it is to hear those words and sense that they are coming from the heart.  Each and every one of us has need of such in this life.  Too often, however, one can only sense that when they are with Jesus.

I used to be just like you;
in some ways still am I.
But something happened deep in me
now I'm a different guy?
I am no better than you are, 
I go through all the same,
BUT GOD, He's caused me to excel--
all glory to His name!

I used to be just like you.

Am I any better?
To look at it THAT way, the same,
it would become a fetter!
He wants you just the way you are
and He'll do all the rest;
retaining His humility
that others may be blessed!

Yes, I used to be just like you,

and I have something you need!
May we break bread together and
let Jesus intercede!
I understand.  I empathize.
I know how you are treated.
Come--there is One place to go
where such won't be repeated.

As 'Christians,' we are to be like Jesus: understanding and not judging.  Once one learns that we will listen and we care, they may just desire The One Who dwells in our heart!

So we are called...

Thursday, January 23, 2020

That Vital Intimacy

Relationships.  All of us have them.  Are some more valuable than others?  Should they be?  There is ONE relationship, however, that IS more valuable than any other, and it is vital in the days that are...
Intimacy once more--
fellowship with God.
When I speak of our relationship
some find it very odd.
But those who have a healthy, vibrant
life with Jesus Christ
hear me talk about the Lord
and give it no thought twice!
Some, however, find quite foreign
such relationship;
the same be first to second-guess,
the same to often quip.
BUT GOD, He knows the heart of me
and how I need Him so;
encouraging this man to help others,
that same God, to know!

Would 'intimate' describe the way

that YOU relate to God?
Or does that term, in reference to him,
strike even you as odd?
BUT GOD, He wants to know you that way,
whomever you may be!
And He avails Himself in whole
to ALL who dare to see!

So wonderful.  So beautiful.  So very far from 'ordinary' and 'ritual' be God Most High's affection and desire for you. EVEN YOU!  Trust Him and see what a difference Jesus WILL make in your life!


Wednesday, January 22, 2020

But there is JOY!!

Regardless of the trials and tribulations of this life, there is a constant available to all that will enable any to withstand whatever.  His Name is Jesus.  And HE IS JOY!
There is joy without limit
availed to us each day.
It overshadows every
obstacle along the way!
It even causes music where
it has not been before!
and that Joy--it always has been
and shall be evermore!

That Joy--His Name is Jesus and

He's more than anything!
Regardless situation, Joy
unspeakable He brings!
He is not unaware of oh
the days and times that are,
but His joyous Presence in them all
will get you very far!
Even in the empty place
when you feel all alone,
Jesus Christ is present there
and His joy can be known!

Yes, there be Joy so independent

from this life each day;
yet given, in abundance, to us
all along the way!
Jesus is The Joy that does not
ever dissipate!
He will escort through all of 'time'
as He's immune from 'date!

Life happens.  BUT THERE IS JOY!  Inadequacies are.  BUT THERE IS JOY!  Things go on EVERY DAY that are not fair.  BUT THERE IS JOY!  Get to know that Joy for YOUR each and every moment.  HIS NAME IS JESUS, and He will NEVER let you down!


Tuesday, January 21, 2020

The Contents Within

Today was very busy with business.  Today required quite a bit to be each of us!  As we did those things, was anyone affected...

What manner of content has one within?

The same be told that which flows without.
The issues that are thought of, spoken or done,
they are the gauge of what's in anyone.
For even when there is no else around
THERE the measure of a heart be found!

'Integrity' become an endangered species?

'My words and actions affect only this one!'
Such attitudes abounding in the present
just cannot fathom the damage that is done!
Each of us be responsible for our actions,
(and the repercussions of the same!)
Make sure that Jesus has rein of our passions,
lest it be HIS reputation we defame!

Daily, indeed, constantly we have a duty
to live out love in unfamiliar places.
In doing so we bless so many others...
in doing so we demonstrate His graces!
In doing so, the content THEY have within
might even be transformed and Life be found!
Daily, therefore, constantly live boldly
KNOWING you're secure on holy ground!

Today was so very busy.  I did business with almost 1,000 people. Sure, money exchanged hands, but is that all that they recall of me today?  If so, today was not successful at all.

Monday, January 20, 2020

These Complicated Days

So they are.  BUT GOD has given us a special ability to develop something to help one another through these days.  Have YOU discovered what that is yet?

How many complications be

in 'just another day...?'
As time goes by, does
'simplicity' go by the way?
With progress and advancement come
such headache, it would seem,
the 'easier' life does become,
the more be the extreme?

Simpler times.  Simpler things

like 'trust,' 'manners' and 'care.'
All would seem to disappear
as we, advancement, dare!
The more 'convenient' life becomes,
the less we need each other?
O be there NEVER a time we have no need
of a friend or brother!!

Yes, life is complicated and

more so it seems each day,
which is exactly why we need
each other on the way!
God has designed us so that,
one another, we attend.
In doing so, we so become
a thing that He calls "friend."

I need friends.  You need friends.  We each need one another, and we ALL have need of God!  I can be that friend, but only God can fill that void that remains.  Will you allow Him to?


Sunday, January 19, 2020

What to do with 'hurt'

How wonderful it is to 'belong!'  With Jesus Christ as Your Savior, whatever life may throw your way you will be able to tolerate, endure, or even say "Here, Lord, You take this.  I can't handle it."

Though great may be the pain, I will rejoice.

Though no man may explain, I have a choice.
The very One providing me with song,
He knows just what to do and all that's wrong!
Yea, the One Who gives the constant song to me
is wiser than any man could ever be;
He made, with His Own hands, (and THAT not plain!)
anything that, for the moment, is feeling pain.

What be the sickness...whatever be the disease...
whatever the cause, He's more than any of these!
His touch, His Blood, His very Word they will suffice!

Though great may be the pain, He is so much more!
And I will praise Him--even if I am sore!
And I will praise Him in that Glory place
where, pain and sickness all, He will erase!
For Jesus--He is everything to me,
and He shall be throughout all eternity!
And minimal be this amount of pain
compared to the perfection that we will gain!

We all go through different things every day.  God knows this.  He knew it even before He created creation!  So He made Provision for it through the precious Blood of Jesus Christ His Son!
Whatever YOU are going through, talk to God about it.  He already fully knows about it, but LISTEN for Him to answer!  He always does!

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Don't Get Too Comfortable!

Doing deeds.  Getting things done.  Ministering to people all along the way.  All that, however, will change dramatically soon...

The affairs we are accustomed to...

the ways of each new day...
the mores of this daily life--
the fabulous, the fray...
there is something that is greater far
than that to which we hold,
and it will commence at any moment,
for no man has been told!
Yea, that far greater that's awaiting,
that which we desire,
from God Himself, at trumpet blast,
shall each of us acquire!
For when He splits the skies above
and gallops into view
all things to which we are accustomed
shall be beautiful and new!
And things too glorious for sight
we'll see there in That Place
because He has provided it
of His abundant grace!
And that which is familiar will be
left so far behind
as that which is much better PERFECT,
in That place we'll find!

And Jesus will be with us!  

At our side forevermore!
No longer 'darkly, through a glass...'
but much, so much, much more!
Perfection we shall know forever
there in that final Place,
living in His Holy Presence
due alone His massive grace!!

Yes!  Soon and very soon!  "EVEN SO, COME QUICKLY, LORD JESUS!" should be our cry several times a day in this fleeting life, as there is far greater awaiting in Him and in His Presence!


Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Morning Assurance

As I sat this morning in the silence and solace of 'early,' the following promises came to me in conversation with Him...

"In trial and in triumph I AM with you.
NOTHING happens that escapes My sight!
I anger, hurt or grieve in your each challenge;
but, most of all, in you I take delight!
Your each and every step have I so ordered;
but there may be 'affects' around each one;
I will be there inside you through each moment;
My care for you--it NEVER shall be done!

You asked for Me to be your Lord and Savior.
(I knew that you would ask that all along!)
Thus I pledged to be inside and all around you,
even when events may go so wrong!
But even THEN I will not ever leave you;
and that which happens WILL have recompense,
as there is a majority around you
who go through life not exercising 'sense!'

But GOOD will happen, and THAT far more often!
Most, though, will not focus on the same.
Do YOUR good, therefore, in such a manner
not purposing to garner any fame.
I know what was, what is and all that will be,
and reward will come unto you in some form;
For I desire you stay the straight and narrow,
and not, unto the world's ways, conform!

For in trial and in triumph I am with you.
I know what will become of all that be.
Do your best from one foot to another,
and trust results yet fully unto Me!
I know who and where you are at all times,
and My will for you is settled and secure!
I only call for you to trust and obey Me,
suffer, enjoy, endeavor and endure!"

How wonderful God is to provide assurances for us at the most opportune times!  Listen for His voice.  I promise you He will speak!

Monday, January 13, 2020


We are an emotional people.  God has so designed us that way.  Nobody, therefore, should expect us to behave or react differently.  God, however, is greater than those emotions, and has His arms wide open at all times for us...

"You're so far above emotions--
yet You understand them each;
regardless how far away I feel
I'm still inside Your reach;
no matter what my body feels,
You've been through it before;
You look at me in ALL of life
and say "I AM much more!"

Oh Lord, You are so very good,

even when life is not.
The answer, Lord, to everything
but surely You have got!
You are healing, You are strength,
grace and understanding;
in this life and in the next
Your authority is commanding!

Oh Lord, You love me perfectly,

You know each want and need;
of any love this life would know,
Lord, Yours does far exceed!
And not a greater love will be,
therefore, to You, we cling!
You are the song in every
situation we may sing!"

Whatever you are going through, God is already there.  Whatever you may be feeling, He cares about You more than any other!  Give yourself to Him fully.  Don't hold anything back!  He is already fully aware of it and knows exactly what to do at all times!


Friday, January 10, 2020

Another precious promise

The holidays are behind us.  Back to the daily grind where people try to do as much as they can as fast as they can.  But WE belong to God, and there is a better way for us!

The sounds of life abound today

as it be in a bustle!
What man be there to list them all
as we be in such hustle?
The work is endless.  Labors--they
are without number, too;
but, for each person, there is a 
specific rendezvous!
For God would call each one of us
unto a certain place.
For each would differ the locale,
but there be peace and grace!
Calm would also be there too,
providing its sure touch;
and he does see that opportune
would come unto each much!

Life is busy!  Life is getting

busier each day!
But somewhere in it God makes sure
that each one has a way
to rest, relax and hear the silence
of his soothing voice--
it is availed to each of us,
but WE must make that choice!

Labors are...for now.  But there is a haven awaiting somewhere, sometime before the day ends for us to catch our breath, enjoy His Presence and renew our strength!  It is His promise!


Thursday, January 9, 2020

Everything for Always!

How do you answer the question "What does Jesus mean in your life?"  Some keep Him at a distance, but He is such an integral part of ALL my living, that there are so many answers to said query!

"You are strength to make it through whatever day;
You are hope to cling to all along the way;
You are peace for all that may or may not be;
and You never, ever will abandon me!

Too, You are a Refuge at all times!

When this life, it does or does not rhyme,
Your open arms--they never disappear!
And You are the ONLY absolute that's here!
The ONLY One Who will not disappoint,
We desire You, each moment, to anoint
with everything exclusive unto You--
assuring victory will see us through!

Whatever this day is or has become,

with YOU, oh Lord, great goodness be the sum.
Trusting, serving and obeying You
causes 'whatever' day become anew!"

Don't keep Jesus at a distance.  He wants to infiltrate your life, and He can improve and enhance every area that you allow Him to!


Wednesday, January 8, 2020

THE Firm Stance!

Yes, these are troubling times.  We are not, however, to be troubled in our souls.  We are to be secure in knowing that God is fully aware and who, what, where and when...

Above the situation you may

find inside your day
God is firmly in control--
and HE has final say!
Events, activities and trials--
He has seen before;
He knew that it was coming and 
He knows all that's in store!
So put your full trust in Him,
(though you cannot even see;)
the outcome, it is settled, and
for His Own victory!
The news...reports...and your own eyes,
important though they be,
what God has set in order will
remain eternally!

Even in the here and now

with all that's going on,
God's love, peace and security
not ever will be gone!

Yes, we live in troubled times in an unstable world.  BUT GOD knows exactly what is going on everywhere at all times.  And we are not only called to live with such peace in our hearts, but to spread the same wherever we go...regardless how the situation appears!  Yes, YOU CAN DO THIS!


Tuesday, January 7, 2020


The very same word can have positive OR negative connotations and overtones.  Carrying on a family tradition can be fun, valuable and meaningful.  At the same time, sticking to a tradition can hinder growth, induce boredom and just flat become lifeless!
GOD, however, can provide such wonderful balance so that 'tradition' does not become mere 'ritual.'

"You fill our lives with living as
we give ourselves to you.
You make our day adventurous
if we allow you to!
Even the 'same-old, same-old' becomes
new when You are first;
We give ourselves to You, therefore,
lest we should see the worst!
But there is GOOD, there is EXCITEMENT
as we live for You!
As You direct our steps each day,
all life is made anew!
Even when we include You in
'traditions' as we know,
there becomes a spark anew,
and, from the same, we grow!

'Traditions--' may they not become 
mere 'rituals' we do;
may they be fun, adventurous,
and may they include YOU!
For You've created each with
lest there be no more zest to live
the way You meant to be!"

Traditions.  Families have traditions.  Churches have traditions.  Companies have traditions.  Let us each be careful to observe the important ones in such a way that they not become mere 'ritual!'

Monday, January 6, 2020

Eternal affair!

Back to normal?  Does 'normal' even exist?!  Christmas may be behind us, oh, but the celebration continues...and shall throughout eternity!

Weeks now after jubilation--
festivities not in vain!
Jesus comes--emotions many,
most of them remain!
The greatest Gift He yet remains
and guides our lives each day;
so much happened--so much yet
remains to be this day!

Jesus--come a fragile infant,

Jesus--King to be;
Jesus come in crude environs,
A stable bed His earthly start,
now streets of gold forever!
He left in pain and agony,
but He will leave us NEVER!

Weeks now after jubilation?

NO! It yet goes on!
And we will join Him evermore
when these days all be gone!
We celebrate him until then,
for worthy is The Lamb!
Come as a Baby in a manger,
yet the great 'I AM!'

We may wait until the end of the year to fete one another with gifts, but we must gift Jesus each and every new day...AND RIGHTLY SO!  He is worthy of such!  I pray that YOUR celebration of Him yet goes on!


Sunday, January 5, 2020


A new year.  New opportunities.  New expectations.  New goals.  Even God is new?  No, but His mercies are!  And not just at New year's, but new every day!

"You give me yet another year--

so many things to see!
You give of Your abundance and 
Your generosity!
How tragic is the attitude
'It's just another day...'
when You have such abundance waiting
for EVERYONE each day!
So new to be Your Word each time
I part those hallowed pages...
so new to be the day as I
behold its many stages...
so new to be each conversation
with each one we see--
IF we let Holy Spirit choose
our words as He would see!"

Never 'just another day'

when, to Him, you belong!
It's merely one more verse unto
a never-ending song.
We are the words, He is the music
and the melody,
and beautiful and ever-changing
is the symphony!

New year.  New you.  New everything...BUT GOD has it all in order for your good!  Submit yourself to Him, get involved and enjoy the ride!


Saturday, January 4, 2020

There is only one you!

Each and every one of us are affected by them.  Each and every one of us participate in them.  However, just how many of those 'works' matter, and who do they affect?

You came to me right at the perfect time.
You did something that 'appeared' to have little rhyme.
But what you did affected in major ways!
How many are such works throughout 'normal' days?

You gave to me while saying "This isn't much..."
But what you did had such a profound touch!
You may never know its depth here in THIS life,
but what you did alleviated so much strife!
It may not have seemed like very much to you,
but it was exactly what was necessary and due!
Don't ever feel like your gift is 'paltry' or 'small;'
for you may be giving the greatest gift of all!

Obedience--it is so very underrated!
What you do may be 'common,' but it's celebrated
by those who cannot perform the tasks you've done.
Be yourself.  Do what you do in the Name of The Son!

Thank you for being who you are.
Thank you for doing what you do and striving to be the best at it!  There is a 'you' shaped hole in this life that only YOU can fill!  Submit to God daily and ask Him to lead you to 'that' place!  Nobody can fill it like you!

Friday, January 3, 2020

The Truest Heart

Motives.  Intentions.  Agendas.  What is it that causes us to do good unto others?  Should it not be 'purity of heart?'  

"You give me everything I am

to do all I can do;
if any 'glory' comes of it,
it all belongs to YOU!
The 'titles' and 'positions' that
may be attached to me
are only there, Lord, due the grace
that You abound to be!
And forbid this man to EVER flaunt,
antagonize or, worse,
use the authority You give
to manipulate or coerce!
For that would be most grievous to
myself and to Your Name--
bringing to myself (and others,)
Yours and mans great shame.

For Your glory, Yours alone,

with all humility,
help me to help myself, and others,
be all they can be
and come to know that satisfaction
come from pleasing You;
for all that You do for us
it's the least that I can do!"

I know so many people, too many people, who possess so much talent that they feel that they can treat others any way they want.  Let us check our hearts and make sure we are NOT of that number, as WE are gifted by God Himself!

Thursday, January 2, 2020


Yes, we are so blessed!  Blessed because Jesus saved our souls and His Lifeblood runs through our veins!  Is such a part of YOUR life?

How blessed are those belonging to
The One Who owns all things!
In all that comes, whatever day,
are songs that each one sings!
Treasures of this earth are not
a factor unto them--
what matters most is that firm grip
upon His very hem!
And though many be the struggles or
the challenges that be,
His Own, they take each one in stride,
and garner victory!
Victory not of themselves,
but He provides the same!
How would life differ if ALL men
would, His Own life, take claim?
A better world would be, indeed;
but, soon, reality
as He will split the skies above
and sound out VICTORY!
Yes, "Soon and very soon..." the song
of all of those belonging!
We press on with that Song alive
while we, each day, be longing!!

Love.  Joy.  Peace.  Hope.  Such are the staples of life for them that belong to Jesus.  And He gives us enough to give away!  And it is IMPOSSIBLE to give it all away because He keeps filling us anew.  Filling us until we hear THAT Trumpet sound!


Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Another happy surprise from Him!

So many things about God are 'dependable,' not necessarily 'predictable.'  'Unexpected, however, was the temperature on the morning this was given to me...and VERY enjoyable...

Morning lightly tints the branches
in the early on...
so fascinating are the shades
He uses in the dawn!
Colors that aren't seen at any
other time of day,
in the earliest, He has 
in glorious display!

Time would cease, that one could savor

such a wondrous sight;
in the silence would He make
a wondrous delight!
Knowing what's ahead for each
and every person living.
He makes a very subtle gift
that, all the day, keeps giving!

"scattered everywhere?"
But no.  He has them each in order
due His perfect care!
Winter in the earliest--
'unseasonal' at best
as, with the warmth of autumn, has
this day been oddly blessed!

A vision so pleasing to the eyes...a temperature so pleasing to the odd to begin winter this way, however, His ways are far greater than our understanding, and we will enjoy every moment of it!